Soothing the Soul. Inspiring the Spirit.

Bringing through loved ones in spirit with evidence of their presence and with wisdom from a higher perspective.

Connecting you with your loved ones in spirit, your spirit guides and your own eternal spirit.

Creating a one of a kind reading experience, customized by Spirit, just for you and the needs of your soul.

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“I am a skeptic, I always have been, but how does one explain the intimate details that Kerry so purposefully illuminated? The internet knows nothing of my father’s name. His family does not speak of him on public forums, pictures never posted. Yet a man, who is not connected to me in blood, name, or legalities, had contacted Kerry as a means to connect with me in spirit. This woman; whom I just met, knows nothing more than my first name. Yet, she is about to take me on a journey that will forever change my perception of existence and faith. With her eyes closed, a pleasant smile on her face, she begins……, ‘He is in a boat.’”

–Dawn Jarrels

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