Connecting you with your loved ones in spirit with evidence of their presence

My reading with Kerry was like a gift from the spirit world. Kerry made me feel comfortable. I felt such joy and a release of the grief that engulfed me for so many years.” – Mike Lasley, Palm Springs

Hello and welcome! I am a Natural Medium, which means I was born with the ability, but I wasn’t aware of this until the death of my oldest son. Following the After Death Visit with his spirit, my gifts opened up and so did my certainty that our consciousness, our spirit and our love, transcend physical death. My son’s communication with me gave me great comfort in my grief. It is my belief that I received this gift so that I can pay it forward, to share the comfort I’ve been so fortunate to receive with others.

I offer Psychic Medium Readings, in person in the Boise area and by phone or Skype to anywhere else on the globe. As an Evidential Psychic Medium I am able to bring through evidence of the presence of your loved ones in spirit, along with their memories and messages and wisdom from a higher perspective. A reading is a full hour.

If you have experienced a tragic and or complex loss or multiple losses and want to have extra time for your reading, I offer a Reading Plus, which allows an extra hour. A reading plus gives time for questions, for processing and more time for Spirit to communicate.

I am offering a new reading which I call an Eternal Soul Reading. Learn about the unique, magnificent and eternal being and spirit that you are. Whether you are in the midst of crisis or struggle or would like to be kinder to yourself and know yourself better, an Eternal Soul Reading can help you see yourself from a more loving and realistic eternal perspective.

Visit my reading page to learn more about the readings I offer. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

Blessings to you, Kerry

“I am a skeptic, I always have been, but how does one explain the intimate details that Kerry so purposefully illuminated? The internet knows nothing of my father’s name. His family does not speak of him on public forums, pictures never posted. Yet a man, who is not connected to me in blood, name, or legalities, had contacted Kerry as a means to connect with me in spirit. This woman; whom I just met, knows nothing more than my first name. Yet, she is about to take me on a journey that will forever change my perception of existence and faith. With her eyes closed, a pleasant smile on her face, she begins……, ‘He is in a boat.’”

–Dawn Jarrels

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