Connecting you with your loved ones in spirit with evidence of their presence

My reading with Kerry was like a gift from the spirit world. Kerry made me feel comfortable, since I was so nervous and did not know what to expect from the experience. I felt such joy and a release of the grief that engulfed me for so many years.” – Mike Lasley, Palm Springs

A Psychic Medium reading can illuminate, comfort, inspire, affirm, heal and transform. There are never two readings exactly alike.  My job is to use my abilities as a Psychic Medium, a Medical Intuitive and a Reader of Past Lives and In Between Lives and multi-dimensions, to communicate as clearly a I am able, who and what Spirit brings.

There are many reasons to have a reading.  Here are some of the reasons my clients come to me:

  • After the loss of a loved one to know they are “alive” and well and that their existence continues, as does the love and connection between them. Sometimes my clients have a reading to be able to find answers to open questions that were left following a complex death or to say good-bye to their loved one when they didn’t have a chance to.
  • For wisdom and guidance from a higher perspective, when in the midst of a crisis or transition or for affirmation and inspiration.
  • To come to know their essence, their eternal soul, in order to live life authentically and genuinely and in alignment with their soul’s purpose.
  • To learn of their past lives in order to understand their present selves more clearly.
  • For support on their health and wellness journey and information to help them navigate the medical system more efficiently, such as the case of a complicated set of symptoms and no diagnosis or answers.
  • For customized health and wellness care suggestions and wisdom, to take the best care of their body, mind and spirit.
  • To receive from Spirit guidance for one’s spiritual journey.
  • To explore and discover the truth and the wonder of existence and of the Universe, through our expanding and evolving consciousness.

I offer private one on one readings, group readings, a longer reading called a Reading Plus, which allows more time for complicated situations, and a special reading experience, an Eternal Soul Discovery Reading. If you’d like to schedule a reading, contact me. To read about the specific readings I offer visit my Readings page. Visit about me to read the story of how I realized my abilities and to learn more about what inspires my work. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call me, I am always glad to talk with you.

Blessings to you,


(*An ability I have is medical intuition and a skill I have is life coaching. This means I use my intuition to tune into your health and allow what intuition picks up to support you and your journey. As a coach I accompany you and support you in finding the answers you are seeking within your own inner wisdom and intuition. I am not a medical doctor or medical professional, nor a therapist or licensed counselor. Always consult with your doctor and your health and wellness team of professionals.)

“I am a skeptic, I always have been, but how does one explain the intimate details that Kerry so purposefully illuminated? The internet knows nothing of my father’s name. His family does not speak of him on public forums, pictures never posted. Yet a man, who is not connected to me in blood, name, or legalities, had contacted Kerry as a means to connect with me in spirit. This woman; whom I just met, knows nothing more than my first name. Yet, she is about to take me on a journey that will forever change my perception of existence and faith. With her eyes closed, a pleasant smile on her face, she begins……, ‘He is in a boat.’”

–Dawn Jarrels

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