Connecting you with the transformational power of Spirit.

By the grace of a visit from my son Kevin’s Spirit, following his tragic passing, I was made aware of my Psychic Medium abilities.  I began giving professional readings five months later. This work has blessed my life and continues to help me through my grief. I pass it forward in hopes that my abilities can bring blessings to others.  I offer readings in the Northend of Boise, Idaho, in my place of work, Sona’s Sanctuary.  I offer readings by phone or Skype to anywhere else on the globe. Contact me  to schedule your reading or reading series. Visit my events page to learn what’s going on at Sona’s Sanctuary this month. Below are the readings and services I offer.


Evidential Spiritual Connection Reading- Bringing loved ones through with evidence of their presence, their messages of love and their wisdom from a high vibration.

Guidance Reading – Shining light on and bringing wisdom to specific areas and issues in your life.

Reading Plus – Designed for those who have experienced tragic loss or multiple losses or those in the midst of serious struggle, who need extra reading time as well as sharing and coaching.

Transformational Series Readings– A series of five readings illuminating your eternal soul, expanding your knowledge and understanding of yourself and helping you to align your life with your soul’s path and purpose.

Transformational Psychic Medium Mentoring Program- For those wanting to explore their gifts and listen to their calling to to use their gifts to serve.  We work with the Transformational Series model to tune into spirit’s wisdom and guidance along your path towards professional Mediumship.  Contact me to start the application process if you are interested in participating this coming year.  The Mentoring program begins September 15th.  If you are interested in next years program call to put your name on our waiting list.

(Visit my readings page to learn more about the readings I offer and how you can best prepare for your reading.)

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.” – Mother Teresa

* I am not a medical professional or a licensed therapist.  I use my intuitive, psychic, and medium abilities to connect with the power of energy and spirit to benefit your healing journey.  My services are not a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric services.

“I am a skeptic, I always have been, but how does one explain the intimate details that Kerry so purposefully illuminated? The internet knows nothing of my father’s name. His family does not speak of him on public forums, pictures never posted. Yet a man, who is not connected to me in blood, name, or legalities, had contacted Kerry as a means to connect with me in spirit. This woman; whom I just met, knows nothing more than my first name. Yet, she is about to take me on a journey that will forever change my perception of existence and faith. With her eyes closed, a pleasant smile on her face, she begins……, ‘He is in a boat.’”

–Dawn Jarrels


“Transformational Reading Series:

When Kerry first offered the Transformational Reading Series, I jumped at the opportunity. I had done readings with Kerry before and always came away with a deeper sense of connection to spirit. Kerry asked me to think about my goals for the series and together we joined with spirit to gain clarity and support in challenging areas of my life while expanding my own intuitive gifts and relationship to spirit. The experience was truly transformational. A series of readings provides a through line, and over a five week period I was able to follow the themes that were emerging and make connections between the messages I received in the readings and how they were slowly manifesting in my life. Kerry helped me trust the unique way spirit connects with me and the boundless guidance available to me as I broaden my union with it’s loving presence.”

Lisa – Portland, OR

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